A Short Open Letter To Supporters Of Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws.

There are not “anti-trans” bathroom laws. Nor or there any proposals anywhere as far as I know to introduce any “anti-trans” laws.

Bathrooms are usually segregated according to sex. Everybody is entitled to use the bathroom allocated to their sex. Sex is physical. It is something you do not have a choice over. It is a decision made by Mother Nature before you are even born. It is not measured by what you “identify” as, or what you would like to be, or what you think you are. It is measured by what you actually are.

If you are a man who wants to be a woman, or even believes you are a woman then that is fine. But it is your problem and nobody else’s. Nobody has any responsibility to cater to your delusions. There are no laws discriminating against you and nobody should hurt you in any way for your delusions. But you do not get to impose your fantasies on the rest of society.

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