This discussion is getting stupid now.
Progressive Reformation

“The Socialist parties of Europe would be horrified if you tried to convince them to follow the program Svetlana described.”

They probably would, but you are missing the point. Socialism is state control. Once the state has that control it can do whatever it wants. Most members of socialist parties are what Lenin would call “useful idiots.” They are blinded by the rose coloured promises of equality and fairness and all the other mythical things that socialism promises.

Nobody buys into any ideology because they want to destroy their own societies. They sign up because they have convinced themselves that this system will work this time even though it has always failed before.

But socialism requires state control to achieve these things and that can only end one way. The problem with socialists is that they think an all powerful state is really going to represent the needs and aspirations of the people it claims to represent. It never does. State bodies represent their own interests and nothing else. Socialism ends in repression because it is in essence an anti-human creed. It seeks to re-engineer human nature and when that fails, as it always does, the need for the gulag becomes obvious to socialists.

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