Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For
Michael Mark Cohen

This article is a good illustration of why pointless fluff courses like “American Studies” should be closed down. If someone wants to do American history then that is available. Hopefully it will be led by someone who actually knows about history because it appears that the author of this piece is a bit sketchy on the subject.

But this person who calls himself an educator is doing an enormous disservice to his students. He is not an educator. He is a hack. He is lazily jumping on the politically correct bandwagon of divisive identity politics and using his position to buy popularity through pointless virtue-signalling.

And serious knowledge of history, psychology or even human dynamics is stunningly absent from everything he is claiming to “teach” according to this article. He is peddling poisonous, politically correct snake-oil packaged as education.

Absolutely disgusting.

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