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“Trump refuses to rent apartments to black people:”

According to the article you linked the allegation was made; but the 1973 tribunal found that it was unsubstantiated. The Trump Corporation had discriminated against people on welfare whether black or white; a practise that while being unfair to people on welfare, is commonly used by property owners. It is a practice that I do not approve of but it is not racism.

The tribunal according to the article forced the Trump corporation to hand over documentation detailing it’s leasing structures and practises and it found no evidence of race based discrimination therein. That is why no criminal charges were brought.

An allegation does not constitute guilt.

The Huffington post also does not cite any examples of Trump being racist. It mentions comments he made about Obama’s origins, insinuating that he was not completely American. He said nothing about race. It was the kind of political sniping that all sides engage in during election times. It was an appeal to patriotism, not racism.

The Huffington Post article does the same as the Guardian. It uses vague sweeping accusations of racism based on nothing but third party comments from Trumps political opponents. That is not evidence of anything. Both articles failed completely to cite one solid piece evidence of anything that Trump said or did that was racist in any way.

The third link you claimed supported your assertion that Trump insisted that black employees were not present when he entered the casino. But not even the article makes that claim. Once again the only mention of racism in this article is about a few incidents in a casino that was not owned by Trump and had no connection with Trump. When Trump later bought it, he imposed no such rule and you can find picture online of Trump in his early days chatting amicably with employees of all colours on the floors of his hotels and casinos. Furthermore what I can see Trump was the most sought after employer in the trade at the time and popular with workers of all races.

Once again you are simply regurgitation unsubstantiated slurs manufactured by Trumps opponents.

The only quote referring to Trump in the article is from a black waitress. She says -

“I very much enjoyed working for Donald Trump. When he was there, it was tip-top.”

Trumps comments about Mexican immigration was his opinion that drug dealers and criminal gangs are coming over the border. He was demanding tighter security so that America can ensure it accepts only the good people. Trump was not suggesting that all Mexicans are criminals, just that the criminal ones were targeting the rich pickings in America and that America needs to keep them out.

That makes sense to any sensible person. It is not racist.

You then fall off the crazy scale completely with your claim that Trump “wants to ban Islam.” Trump has no power to “ban Islam.”

You add a link which in no way substantiates your claim. Trump said he wants to put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country. That seems perfectly sensible in view of the wave of terror that Islamists are currently bringing to Europe. Several European countries have already closed their borders to Muslim immigration. Countries have a duty to protect their own people as a priority. They have no duty to simply allow anyone to walk across the border.

And just so you know, Islam is not a race. Islam is a religious and political philosophy and it is a very dangerous one. Sticking your head in the politically correct sand does not change that.

Now to the capital punishment charge: Both you and the Guardian dishonestly use sleight of hand here to imply that Trump was calling for the death of innocent people. He was not. He was calling for the death penalty for those who had been found guilty of a vicious assault. Everybody thought the guys was guilty and many other people (black and white) were calling for the death penalty too. Now I don’t agree with the death penalty, but supporting the death penalty for violent rapists is not racism.

You make it sound like Trump said this after those guys were found to be innocent after all. He didn’t. He never called for the death sentence for innocent young men of any colour. This is a flat out lie.

You finally got one right though. Donald Trump re-tweeted some grossly inaccurate statistics on crime. He later admitted that he had been wrong to do that without first checking it’s accuracy.

The actual figure for black violent crime rate is 49.2% according to the FBI. Still and astoundingly high statistic from a population of only 13.5% and the majority of the victims of these crimes are also black.

That is the disparity Trump was clumsily alluding to.

You finish your post by talking about incidents with Trump supporters: First you do not cite any evidence of the laughable statistics for what Trump supporters allegedly believe.

First of all Trump has no control if come guy who claims to support him beats someone up and a political rally. Supporters of both the democratic and republican campaigns have said and done all kinds of nasty things at political rallies. That is not the fault of either Trump or Clinton. There will always be all kinds of extremists groups that will attach themselves to large political events.

This guilt by association thing is just childish. “That guy is a racist and he supports Trump — therefore Trump must be a racist. Hitler was a vegetarian so therefore if you are a vegetarian you must support Hitler.

Infantile logic.

Trump is currently running for President. So is Clinton. You can be sure that they both have large teams of investigators digging deep into the pasts of their oppnents, searching for anything they can use to discredit them. Of course credible charges of racism would be like hitting the jackpot in the current racially charged climate; a climate caused mostly by Black Live Matter and their race-baiting but the way, not by Trump. But so far people have turned up several damning incidents of Clinton’s complete lack of principles. I am pretty sure Trump is corrupt too. They are both politicians after all.

But so far nobody has produced any evidence of Trump being a racist, and it’s not from lack of trying.

Anecdotal comments from his detractors do not make a convincing case.

And just for the record, I am not a Trump supporter. I am not even American and I do not particularly care who wins the election. I am not a fan of either Clinton or Trump, although if I were American I would probably vote for Trump just to keep Clinton out because she has proven to be incompetent, inept and enormously corrupt even by modern political standards.

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