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Well Hitler laid out very early on what he intended to do if he got into power. He detailed it all in Mein Kampf, and spoke openly about it in his beer cellar gatherings from the earliest days.

Hitler wanted to deport huge numbers of naturalised German citizens. (The plan to murder them came later)

Trump does not want to deport anyone who is living in the United States legally.

Hitler wanted to expand the borders of Germany, bringing vast new territories into the greater Germany and annihilating or enslaving the people already living there.

Trump does not have any ambition to extend America’s borders or to exterminate or enslave any people.

Hitler wanted to invade Russia — his own words — “Russia is to be abolished. It will be as if Russia had never existed.”

Trump has said several times that he would prefer to try to foster good relations with Russia and that a good working relationship between the two countries would benefit the world.

Hitler was in favour of thought policing, censorship and enforced politically correct consensus. (Just like Clinton)

Trump has shown by his actions that he is contemptuous of such things and that he wants to protect the absolute sanctity of the right to free speech and free expression.

Hitler wanted to disarm the population and ensure that only military and security forces controlled by his state would be armed.

Trump wants to defend the right of citizens to have the ability to protect themselves.

Hitler wanted to murder disabled and mentally impaired people.

Trump does not.

Hitler gleefully murdered anyone who opposed him. He basically abolished the rule of law.

Trump had made it clear that opponents, like Clinton have the right to be subject to the rule of law and no more or less.

Hitler outlined early on his contempt for the democratic process. He swore to abolish democracy as soon as he had used it to achieve power.

Trump has shown no disrespect for democracy and has no ambitions to be a dictator.

Hitler, like Clinton sought to enrich their country by plundering the resources of other countries through war.

Trump’s vision is about enriching his country by putting millions of Americans back to work in their own country; creating real jobs again. Maybe it is an impossible dream, but it is at least a noble aspiration.

So when I see people comparing Hitler and Trump I just think they are doing the usual thing that SJWs do. Oh for some visceral reason I don’t favour him. Therefore he must be like Hitler!

Hitler was a monster; a virulent bigot, warmonger and mass murderer.

There is no evidence that Trump is any of those things.

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