Well, given the word-count of our shared cyber-history, Lana, you know better than anyone just how…
Ron Collins

Well I also come from a small town in a big country; so we have that in common. I recognise the priorities — I haven’t got time for this right now because there are crops to harvest or wood to cut or kids to feed… That attitude comes from people whose priorities in my opinion are well balanced.

But they are also aware that there are those who would impose systems and institutions and regulations on them; and send people in suits with forms and subtle threats to make them comply. The people don’t want to be revolutionaries. They don’t want to be soldiers or myrtars. They just want to be farmers or woodsmen or child raisers.

But threatening their freedom to do that in peace is often a mistake and they are the people now building up the backlash across much of western Europe. Those people are not the effete urban talking heads from Brussels or Berlin. They are the farmers and fishermen and the carpenters and builders from the small towns of the Loire or Pyrenees or the Black Forest.

They are called racists and all of the other ists in the media. But it washes over them. That weapon has been rendered impotent from overuse. They know they are not racists or any other kind of ists. They just value their homes and their lifestyles and their cultures and they won’t be robbed of their world; which is a good one after all.

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