Well, you did let me have it, didn’t you?
Ron Collins

Well I basically agree with that. Human relations cannot be engineered by listicles. My opinion is not that they should be or that everyone should slot into strictly regimented gender roles; but simply that many of the things we find attractive in the opposite sex, are subconsciously a product of those gender roles. I don’t believe that any society would benefit by trying to herd people back into traditional gender roles, just that many people will loosely adapt them themselves and if so then what is the problem. The problem is a culture which now says — “Oh no; you mustn’t cook that man a meal” or “no, you must not walk the girl home!” Those are “oppressive” gender roles apparently.

As for being a hunter: I don’t think so. I am a terrible coward. I hunted deer once and just felt sorry for the deer I finally shot. I let two of them get away because I didn’t want to shoot them before that. My brother and my dad finally gave up on trying to turn me into a hunter and just did it themselves. Anyway deer are one thing. Sabre tooth tigers are another. I am going to go all matriarchal on that one. That’s a man’s job. You go hunting in the forest. I will stay in the nice safe valley and do a little gathering instead. But I will have the dinner on the fire when you get back.

They don’t give us cheaper motor insurance for nothing you know.

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