Probably. There is a strong victimhood culture in Ireland too.
Paul Carr

Well I don’t think the Irish are dullards. But I do agree that victim culture does breed dullards. Certainly that culture has infected the university. But not all of the staff or students have been drinking the cool-aid.

When local feminist painted really nasty graffiti about me all over campus, I came to work the next day and my students were mostly missing. I first thought that the feminist dullard society had got to them because they were trying to organise boycotts of me. But at lunch-time I found out where they were. They had gone to a local store to buy some paint. They were spread out in pairs all over the campus painting over the graffiti.

I have very lively discussions about many of these issues with both my students and some of my colleagues.

There is a blustering old professor of history here, who struts around puffing on his pipe and almost challenging people to just try telling him to put it out. Recently a young administrator, probably in her mid twenties approached him in the cafeteria. She took issue with something he had said and began explaining to him why it had been inappropriate. He began his response by bellowing — “who do you think you’re talking to you sanctimonious little upstart.” Within seconds she was stumbling towards the exit, deathly pale, probably making for the “safe space” in the arts building.

There is hope for the Irish yet.

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