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Well I suppose harassment is the more popular word today isn't it. I mean everything we don’t like is suddenly “harassment.” Having a bad day is “oppression,” somebody doing something you don’t like is “abuse,” and somebody disagreeing with you is an “attack.”

I wish I lived back in the middle ages. The world was so much safer then apparently.

But if you make something public then it is assumed that you are inviting people to “chime in.” Or do you do it so that you can then claim that anyone who adds their opinion is “bothering” you? Am I “bothering” you or “harassing” you?

But really I understand that those nasty men were “bothering” you with their oh so bothersome attempts to be sociable. I did offer you some positive advice though. Maybe a t-shirt proclaiming that you have social interaction issues would be enough to make people avoid you.

It might help. What do you think?

I mean your expectation that strangers should just be able to read your mind and know somehow if you are open to social exchange; well its a little unrealistic don’t you think?

Or would it be better to just have a law to make it a criminal offence for any man to speak to, or attempt to engage in any way with a woman in public? Of course it would have to apply both ways to be fair; so you would also be legally forbidden, if for example you see a guy reading a book in a park, and go up to him and try to strike up a conversation. Would that mean you were “harassing” him or just “bothering” him?

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