More evidence, from my vantage point, that this “evolution” of yours simply won’t hold water.
Ron Collins

Well Ron I usually admire your writing. But your response this time was lazy thinking. First of all evolution is not mine. I am just a product of it as you are too. The observations I made in my post are in no way evidence that the theory of evolution doesn’t hold water. They are simply an admission that I was being over optimistic.

You cannot contend that mass phenomena of things like socialism exist outside of human drives. Socialism is attractive to many people because it taps into our natural urges. We are social creatures, which is why we have always lived in tribes. Of course socialism is a dangerous lie. In practise it attempts to eradicate our natural urges rather than accommodate them; but it is an easy lie to mesmerise people with precisely because of human nature; which of course is the product of millions of years of evolution.

Ideologies and systems may do everything they can to deny human evolution in practise; but in reality they actually harness it. Humans buy into ideologies because they want to be inside the tribe rather than outside of it. That is 100% evolution. The fact that they are being manipulated by charlatans is also not new.

I understand and generally agree with your dismissal of much of the pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo now passing for scholarship; but your outright contempt for centuries of scholarship is just another form of extremism. To simply dismiss it as “hogwash” is far beneath the level of your usually astute analysis.

To contend that devolution is the natural condition of the human species, or any species, is hogwash though. If that were the case we would still be swinging around in the tree tops — unless of course you deny our primate ancestry too.

You point to the human species surviving without much technology for thousands of years. But I am not sure where you are going with that. The human species survives far better today than it ever did in the past, at least in those countries where modern technology is more advanced. One small example is that a thousand years ago, most humans didn’t even make it to adulthood.

But humans always did science, which at is base is simply a quest for better understanding of things and thereby more efficient ways of doing things. The Romans were able to build those impressive aqueducts that in some cases still function today, because they had scientists and architects as well as builders. The Germanic tribes north of the Rhine, didn’t have scientists and architects which is why they built only simple wooden structures. Even those Roman builders were scientists in their own right, because they were constantly figuring out better ways of doing things too.

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin because he did not need to spend his time growing corn or hunting for food. His discoveries save countless lives every day and may have even saved yours on a few occasions. Fleming’s discoveries made heavy use of Darwin’s earlier theories on natural selection; especially in terms of cell division of bacteria. He essentially discovered a way to use the evolution of useful bacteria against the dangerous ones.

Call it hogwash if you like but it works. It would not work if Darwin had been wrong on that point. That is simply not disputable.

The idea that some people live comfortable lives “never envisioned before” is also not true. It has always been so. Wealth, privilege; and ideology, usually used to secure that wealth and privilege; have always been a feature of human societies. Those Catholic bishops of medieval Europe, living in their luxurious palaces; might not have had much technology; but they didn’t need it. They had servants to take care of all the work. The bishop never went hungry though, and he rarely had to actually do anything.

The calamitous events of the past centuries have been as much a product of our evolution as anything else; the quest for ever more resources and the attempts by elites to control both those resources and their own populations. You can say the same thing about any other species. Chimps fight territorial wars against rival clans. So do wolves.

The false sense that the project of basic human survival had largely been completed is also not a new phenomenon. The end of history mindset had afflicted many societies which had become so secure and comfortable that they could not imagine their society ever being replaced. That is what happened to the Romans after all.

The purpose of human life from an evolutionary point of view is to create more human life. The purpose of any species is to propagate. To that end we need to survive. Therefore we need to be clothed, housed and fed.

But the “intelligentsia” and its blathering didn’t just arrive in the last hundred years. They were directing high-falutin waffle at the masses from atop the Athenian Acropolis nearly three thousand years ago.

Socialism is the best example. The socialists promised peace land and bread; a direct appeal to the base instincts of the people. They delivered the precise opposite, mostly because their creed seeks to over-ride the basic evolutionary drives that are genetically hard-wired into every human. They tried to treat humans as one homogenised block rather than as millions of individuals. If they had read Darwin instead of Marx they would have known from the beginning that that was never going to work. Human individuals will always prioritise their own needs and the survival of their genetic legacy over the needs of any nation, system or even species.

Because our evolution has hard-wired us to survive; not so much to care what the tribe in the other valley is doing; until at least, we decide that our survival and that of our offspring would be better facilitated by killing the neighbouring tribe and stealing their resources. That is when we care about the tribe; because not being part of it makes our chances of survival very slim.

The reason capitalism works much better than communism is because capitalism understands the human imperatives towards greed and selfishness. Not that we are not capable of altruism too; but generally our charity begins only when our own needs, and those of our offspring have been met. That is pure evolution.

I already agreed that rank and stupid SJWism is spreading, not dying out. And it is spreading in the most prosperous countries because people who are struggling to survive do not have time for such foolishness. Cultures get rich and fat and become mesmerised by all sorts of nonsense because basically they have nothing better to do. Then they die out. That is the natural progression of the species too. Mother Nature does not care about nations or empires. But as fat lazy old cultures weaken and die, they are replaced by more vigorous ones. The human population of the planet is rising not falling.

But the end of history has still not arrived. We might just eat and use up everything that sustains us a thousand years from now; if we don’t blow ourselves and the planet to pieces first; because of our evolution.

The second half of your post is a critique of academia today which I broadly agree with. I have always said that you could probably dump over half of the courses now being taught in universities and you would have both a better education system and a healthier society. Most of those courses are pure nonsense. You could even trim down the courses that are not nonsense; because as you say we need limited numbers of scientists but lots of builders. But I think you take it too far.

Who invented your chain saw or your car? Do you believe that Daimler Benz or Isaac Newton or Louis Pasteur were all just wasting their time? Why do you read books? The best example is medicine. Medical advancements; the reason your kids had a much better than average chance of living to see the age of 10; have mostly come out of the universities. Furthermore every one of them, from penicillin to DNA maps, insulin to germ and bacteria hygiene; have all been both driven by and a confirmation of, the theory of evolution.

You can dismiss it as hogwash all you like; but the reason your daily life is a constant quest for food, heat, shelter and other resources is because you are driven by it. The reason the young Ron as a boy, turned from seeing girls as strange creatures that were only good for throwing spiders at; into suddenly very interesting and attractive creatures; is because of your evolution. That is how you became a father.

The reason that socialist policies are so devastating to societies, even where they are not downright genocidal, is that they collectivise and socialise everything, thereby removing the need for people to struggle to get the things they need.

Give a hungry man a fish and he will have a meal. But promise to give him a fish everyday and he will never learn to fish. That is pure evolution and it is why socialism fails. Mother Nature is currently wielding the sword of natural selection over countries like Sweden and Germany right now, taking out those cultures that think they can over-rule her laws; and replacing them. That is the end result of socialism and all other forms of SJWism (combined with too much luxury and wealth).

But the species carries on.

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