Some of our prior discussions had informed me of this, but I also know that you are clued in on the…
Ron Collins

“So call it my trying to help you keep your focus, and not fall into the same trap, of forgetting even for a moment, just what a banal and mundane and everyday thing evil is.”

Well that is a wonderful post Ron and it is really making me think. I suppose the banality of evil does not begin in concentration camps or in innocent people being loaded onto trucks by screaming soldiers and snarling dogs in occupied towns; it begins with meetings and rationalisations and strokes of pens. It filters down the line through respectable people in comfortable offices just doing their jobs. It is an exercise in box-ticking

Much as I agree with all of what you say on first read: I can think of nothing to add. But I will probably think about it more, because it certainly deserves that, and maybe I can add something later.

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