I appreciate your well written response to the article, however, I would argue that women who…
Jennifer Orpitelli Gurnea

“Women who “fight” in any war do not necessarily need to bear arms to do so.”

Well then we are probably not in disagreement at all. I suppose it depends in what you mean by “fight.” I used the word to mean actual physical combat against the enemy. I do not in any way underestimate women, both Russian and women of other countries who made huge sacrifices and massive contributions in other ways. I doubt that the Nazis could have been driven out if not for millions of women in the factories churning out tanks; and also the supply drivers and communications crews; the anti-aircraft crews and of course the now almost legendary medics who often put themselves at considerable risk too. So I do not underestimate my fellow countrywomen, or the women of America either.

I just think that to assume that women are the same as men in every way, and therefore will perform just the same under any circumstances, is sheer lunacy. it is self-evident nonsense. it is mindless ideology elevated above common sense. All that politically correct silliness might be tolerable on a college campus because at least it doesn't kill anyone; but its the last thing you need when the only thing standing between your people and a horde of murderous barbarians, is your military.

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