I never said we didn’t have it coming, did I?
Ron Collins

Well you know my theory. I still don’t believe that there were any nuclear war-heads in Cuba; just the empty rockets. I find it difficult to believe that Khrushchev would have trusted Castro with them. I know that he understood how much influence “Che” Guevara had, and he considered him to be unstable and not to be trusted. So I believe the whole thing was a giant trick, and so do a lot of ex KGB types who have written about it.

I also believe that Kennedy probably knew that it was a scam, but pretending it was real suited his purposes too. After all Kennedy had got elected partly on the so called missile gap which didn't exist. The US military got deluged with new funding afterwards too. So the generals were happy; Castro was happy because he got a guarantee of no more invasions of Cuba. Kennedy was able to play the tough guy for the home crowd. Khrushchev got the US missiles out of Turkey and came home smelling of roses too.

Oh and Russia got a lifetime supply of really bad sugar and a constant supply of cigars for party bigwigs in Moscow.

There were no losers in the Cuban Missile crises; except of course for Ernesto Guevara who was probably the only person in Cuba who actually would have been happy to fire those missiles, if they were there in the first place.

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