Who even knows what you are talking about.
Afro Tapp

Well you obviously have no idea what they advocate for. Here is the sites guiding principles page. I suggest you have a look.


Most of it is just regurgitating the usual trendy (and destructive) feminist / neo-Marxist nonsense. But here are a few telling quotes from their guiding principles.

“We see ourselves as part of the global black family.”

This extends to a statement explaining that BLM considers black Americans to be black global citizens, not American citizens who happen to be black: Internationalism Marxist style.

“We are committed to disrupting the western prescribed nuclear family structure.”

This part extends to advocating for a sort of Marxist “Hillary’s Village doctrine” whereby children are raised by collectives financed by the state.

More Marxist poison which has been an unmitigated disaster wherever it has been tried. You want your Hillary’s villages? — Try North Korea.

“We are committed to restorative justice. We believe that black people should be compensated for the marginalisation the legacy of slavery imposed on our brothers and sisters.”

“Financed by a tax levied upon the majority population.”

So they believe in collective punishment based on race — a tax on white people basically. (because they’re not racists ……. Or something.

So most of it is just the usual worn-out pity parties that have already been used up by everyone from feminists to gay-rights activists and now of course the transpeople –whatever they are. It seems that like feminism, there is no band-wagon BLM won’t jump on. They just sprinkle the same naive slogans with a generous dash of racism instead of the sexism favoured by the feminists.

They’ve even got a “Herstory” section and no: I’m not making that up. Of course it is all pure historical revisionism but what it new. They don’t even seem to be able to do basic research. They seem completely oblivious to pretty basic facts and timelines around things like the abolition of slavery and the major players in it. Despite all their claims of identifying as some kind of global black population, they know absolutely nothing about the history of Africa or the African slave trade.

But they are absolutely convinced that it was all white people’s fault.

Most of the guiding principles, especially the ones calling for the dismantling of the family unit, are completely at odds with what Martin Luther King preached.

And just so you know: There is no such thing as a “leaderless collective.” Don’t kid yourself.

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