Donald Trump Has Americanized Vladimir Putin’s War on Truth
War Is Boring

What “blanket of fear are you talking about?” There has not been a blanket of fear over Russia since Stalin died. Today there is a sense of optimism. The Russian economy has many problems but it is improving and is healthier now that at any time in the past.

Putin is corrupt. Of course he is. He is a politician. Show me one who isn't corrupt and I will eat my hat. But he has also proven himself a good leader, especially during the crisis in Ukraine and various other manufactured NATO provocations. That is why people respect him.

As for dead soldiers coming back in trucks in secret? Where are they coming from? Why is it secret? Usually when a Russian soldier is killed abroad they are brought home with military honours? Do you have any proof of this strange practise?

This article does exactly what it is criticising. It makes wild sensationalist claims, does not back them up and then uses these factoids to link completely unrellated things. That is the essence of conspiracy theory production.

I don’t know much about Trump so I cannot comment. But I do know Russia, and based on your completely inaccurate portrayal of Russia I don’t hold much confidence in anything you say about Trump either.

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