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When someone advocates the repeal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, my answer was generous. However, maybe you really don’t understand the history and reasons for the Act. So here’s a start.

I am familiar with the Civil Rights Act. I am not sure why you keep babbling about it. It is not relevant to this topic. For a start; the baker in this case refused to participate in an activity that they did not want to participate in. They did not refuse service to anyone based on race. They refused to lend their approval to a lifestyle they did not approve of. Discriminating based on lifestyle choice is not covered in the Civil Rights act and nor should it be.

This case was not about race. It was about behaviour. It was also about human rights; specifically a person’s right in a free society not to be forced into providing a service they do not wish to provide. It was finally about religious freedom; the right to live your life according to your own religious beliefs.

Do I have the right to be served alcohol in a mosque? Of course not: Stop being silly. This is not about civil rights. It is about some bigots using civil rights as a smokescreen to enforce their own views on someone else.

You obviously do not believe that a gay night-club should be penalised for refusing to serve straight people. I don’t think they should be penalised either. They were simply exercising their right to run their business in any way they choose.

The question is why are you being such a hypocrite — while calling anyone who disagrees with you a “bigot?”

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