On Breastfeeding — My Body, My Choice
Mirah Curzer

Women are being “shamed” and even “punished” for not breast feeding their babies? Oh no! Another terrifying front in the “war against women” being waged no doubt by the sinister “patriarchy.” And what does this vicious assault on our rights entail?

I imagine it must include regiments of the breast-feeding police, smashing doors down and dragging helpless babies from the arms of their sobbing mothers. It probably involves all kinds of fines and even prison sentences for mothers found guilty of not breast feeding.

Oh wait: No. It is just an advertisement campaign which encourages mothers to choose breast feeding if possible over alternatives, because there is a lot of evidence that it is a healthier option.

But we do know that a “regime of shame, punishment, and misinformation to force women to breastfeed” is being launched. We know that because the paranoid conspiracy theorist; oops I mean author, says so; so it must be true.

Oh and edit for update: Mirah Curzer just deleted this response from her thread. Because that is what you do when you know your argument fails ridiculously.