A woman is a woman is a woman. Period.

“A woman is a woman is a woman. Period.”

Yes Absolutely! But that statement, made by you, kind of shoots the rest of your article down in flames doesn't it?

“You don’t get to decide based on her biology, her sex, her genitals,”

Absolutely: Nobody gets to make that decision. Mother Nature gets to decide that before the baby girl is even born.

The rest of us just know what a woman is based on her biological make-up. That is after all what defines what a woman is. It is not complicated. A woman is a female adult human being. Therefore if you are a female adult human being then you are a woman. If you are not a female adult human being then you are not a woman.

No amount of wishful thinking and no amount of surgery can change that.

“She is a woman because she says she is.”

No: You are described as something if you meet the criteria of what the definition of that thing entails. I can say that I am a rabbit if I want to. That does not make me a rabbit.

“You are your own truth.”

Nope: This is the silliest piece of delusional touchy-feely gibberish I have read in a while:

The truth is objective. It stands on its own and it doesn’t care whether you like it or not. It does not care what you identify as and it does not care about vague abstract nonsense like “equality.” It is just the truth. It is in no way measured by how any individual feels about it.

“It’s time we accepted the truth.”

I do accept the truth. You on the other hand, have written an appeal for everybody to deny the truth, and to delude themselves into believing that the truth can be whatever we feel it to be.

That is not how reality works. You are entitled to whatever delusions you are afflicted by; but you are not entitled to demand that everybody else must pander to them.

A woman is an adult human female. That is all. An adult human male, by definition, cannot be an adult human female, and therefore cannot be a woman no matter how much he would like to be.

The truth is not yours to manipulate as you see fit.

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