Three Things America Lost Today
umair haque

“Soft power, by contrast, is simply a society’s ability to influence, inspire, lead.Think of it as the power not to force other nations to obey — but to earn their trust, admiration, respect. To be noble and wise and great enough that they wish to be like you. When they wish to be like you, then you earn allies and partners effortlessly.”

Yes: All you need is a military budget that outstrips the five next biggest spenders on military hardware put together. 600+ military bases worldwide; and a willingness to rain a hail of bombs and missiles on any country that dares to embark on any programme that might not be in your financial interests; or at least on those which do not have the means to fight back.

Does assassination by drone also fit into your analysis of “soft power?”

Was Hillary Clinton; the most virulent war-monger in the Obama administration, also doing “soft power?”

There are a lot of things that people respected about America, usually in spite of its government. But you must be fooling yourself because you’re certainly not fooling anyone else, if you think that anyone in the rest of the world respected America for its diplomacy. American diplomacy is the bull in the china shop of the world; misinformed, bullying, clumsy, violent and destructive. The Obama administration was no exception, and Hillary Clinton was pretty much the personification of it.

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