More seriously though: here is a bit more (maybe) rational discussion of why I find the entire…
Ron Collins

Yes I agree with all of what you said. I hate flying and I hate airports, and of course it is self-evident that the aviation industry is probably the most destructive, toxic, wasteful endeavour that humans ever engaged in. (apart from the arms industry which is closely linked anyway)

We had a little exchange on a related topic recently in which Sweden came up. As you know Sweden is the Scandinavian utopia beloved of assorted leftists, progressives and other general loonies; world capital of equality, gender neutrality, trigger warnings and safe space for people who think they are cats. The leftists adopted Sweden when they were kind of forced to stop lying to themselves about the Soviet Union. Environmentalists particularly love Sweden for its apparent greenness; that’s why they all drive Saabs and Volvos. Pacifists love Sweden for it legendary commitment to neutrality.

But Sweden is one of the world’s largest arms exporters. It sells high tech weaponry to anyone with the money to pay for it and it will supply both sides in any war with no questions asked. The companies that produce those Saabs and Volvos for lefties to drive to their protests against war and capitalism, also produce a variety of war planes which can be used to shoot bombs at all the oppressed people in third world countries that the organic vegetarian soy meat-ball eating Sweden-worshipping lefties claim to be protesting for.

But what I really resent about civil aviation in Europe is that it has become so cheap that it is replacing my favourite mode of travel. Before the boom in civil aviation, I could (if I had a week to spare which I often do) have taken a ferry to France and taken trains all the way through Europe (provided there wasn't a war on.)I could even have taken a leisurely trip on a boat from Dublin, across the Bay of Biscay, through the Mediterranean and the black Sea and all the way into Crimea or possibly even into Rostov.

None of those routes operate any more because cheap flights. I even remember in Germany people flying to Rome or Warsaw or wherever. I always took the train because while it might take a little longer, the journey itself is sometimes the best part. At the end of my contract people thought I was quite mad when I told them that I was taking a train to Kiev to get another one to Rostov.

I just find air-travel very stressful and train travel very relaxing.

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