The most amazing thing about your pompous drivel is its complete lack of any historical context…
Mike Essig

“It’s like you’re writing a travel guide to a country you’ve never visited.”

Yes: It is a refusal to examine or analyse objectively; a wilful ignorance of the nuances. It is an article that says absolutely nothing concrete. It is simply the shrieking of a toddler who didn’t get the ice-cream he wanted. He cries and stamps his feet and then cries some more because he knows that sooner or later, lots of empty headed autonomons just like him will line up to coo and sympathise and tell him how “brave” and “truthful” is incoherent, emotive gibberish is.

He is trapped in his own little “progressivist” echo chamber. He doesn’t understand that most people do not actually allow political elections to impact on their lives or their relationships that much. Most people have more important things to do and they don’t expect some politician to do it for them.

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