“ I do not doubt the justice of his cause or his courage; just his methods and his hypocritical…

“What you call hypocrisy, I would call change over a very long period of time. Once upon a time”

Yes lots of things are a change. The Rwandan genocide was change too. But there is good change and bad change.

“The ANC was a small group of non-violent Marxists:”

I would argue that there is no such thing as a non-violent Marxists. For Marxism to be implemented by by definition violence is a pre-requisite. But that is another discussion.

Every group is small when it begins. But the ANC was a large heavily funded and well armed terrorist group which engaged in indiscriminate attacks against civilians and used intimidation and terror against black communities too.

“A significant minority of whom were white Jews.”

I doesn't matter what the racial make up of the organisation was. The fact remains that Nelson Mandela remained it de-facto leader through decades of murder and intimidation.

“I mean, sure, it’s simpler to write them off as terrorists.”

I am not “writing them off.” I am simply pointing out that they were terrorist organisation which were endorsed by Nelson Mandela. The definition of terrorism is the use of terror against civilians in order to achieve a political goal.

That the ANC did that is not in dispute, not withstanding the fact that the state security forces were doing it even more and had been doing it for much longer.

Killing innocent civilians cannot be justified by pointing to the other guy and shouting “He started it.”

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