“ The definition of racism is very clear — prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed…
Al Black

Do you see the problem here? The definition says that if members of one race are better off than another, that has to be the result of racism!

Yes: That sums up all isms in a nutshell really. It works the same way with feminism — Marxism and all other isms. Those people are doing better than us so they must be “privileged” and they are using that privilege to keep us down. We are not going to examine why they are doing better. Do they work harder or make smarter long term choices for example. We are certainly not going to examine our own choices.

That is how so many young girls can squander four years of their lives, and considerable amounts of money, doing gender-studies in college; and then spend the rest of their lives whining about the “pay-gap,” screaming about the “patriarchy” and wondering why women are under-represented in STEM fields.

These people, and the brain-dead sociologists who teach them this psycho-babble, have all the basic common sense of goldfish.

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