More social justice warrior bullshit, what have they do to upset your delicate feelings now?

Yes: The snow flake generation is getting flakier and flakier. Is there anything that will not send these toddlers into damsel mode. Are their lives so completely devoid of any real problems that they have to invent some?

I don’t like cabbage. But I don’t try to persuade everybody else not to eat it. I can become quite irritated by some stereotyped portrayals of Russians in the media, but that is my problem and it is something minor. I have bigger things to worry about so I brush off the minor irritations. I am certainly not going to launch some kind of infantile campaign against some TV program of magazine just because I don’t like it.

These fools do not understand, that seeing things you do not like, or even being mildly offended from time to time, is the price of living in a free society, and it is a small price to pay.

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