You are equating two different things here.
David Streever

You believe the woman who says she likes burritos of course. But people have no reason to be shy about acknowledging their food preferences. Unless of course they are dinner guests in someone else’s house and they don’t want to be rude: In which case — “of course I like burritos” when I really don’t.

But people do lie to others and to themselves about their romantic attractions.

for example try to ask a woman if a man possessing wealth and status makes him more attractive, and many women will say — Oh no! Yet every study ever done since Darwin was a boy shows that women gravitate towards men of wealth and status. That is why rich famous men always have beautiful wives half their age and also why you will never find a beautiful 25 year old aspiring model with a 45 year old unemployed bus driver.

You won’t find that in Cosmo.

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