From my point of view, I don’t care if someone is trans, gay, bi or think they are a dog.
Lori Gunnell

“And “Treat it not feed it”? Is that the way you feel about gay people as well? Treat them? I think it’s deluded to deny the reality of gay and trans people.”

You dishonestly conflate homosexuality with identity disorder. They are not even related. Gay people simply have a difference in preference as to the sex they are attracted to. They do not make the claim to be something that they are not. A gay man is not pretending to be a woman and demanding that everyone else should accept that, or else: Gay people are asking for people to just accept them and be tolerant of their different preferences. They have that right. That is a reasonable request which doesn’t infringe on the rights of anybody else.

Trans lobbies are demanding that the rest of society should re-write the language and re-engineer the way that we judge reality itself. They are not simply demanding that others accept their right to their differences. They demand that we should jettison the requirement for objectivity and common sense in order to comply with their claim that they can basically do biological magic; that physical reality simply no longer applies. And they threaten to use the state and the law to destroy the careers of people who refuse to accept this loony-tune narrative.

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