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Moms, your boys are never too young to learn to be men

During a recent power outage, my little man [age 7] and I were laying in bed and just talking and an opportunity presented itself for me to teach him about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, parts of government, amendments… you know, small talk. So then, this happens…

Me: “Do you know why this is an important year for our government?”…
 Ethan: “Because ‘Hirally’ Clinton is running for our president and she’s the first woman to run for president… and Donald Trump is running too”
 Me: “That’s right, I’m pretty impressed you know that”
 Ethan: “And, mom, you can vote because one ‘anemendment’ says women can vote”
 Me: (pride) “That’s right — you were paying attention”
 Ethan: “Yeah, but you said a lot of stuff and it’s kinda jumbled in my brain so, this is a silly question but… can kids vote?”
 Me: “Nope, you have to be 18 to vote”
 Ethan: “Oh, yeah [pause]… but if I could vote, I’d vote for ‘Hirally’ Clinton”
 Me: [Hmm? this I have to hear…] “Oh yeah, how come?”
 Ethan: “Because… a year ago I was at baba’s (grandma’s) house and she was watching TV and I overheard Donald Trump say that ‘women are slobs and pigs’… and I would not vote for someone like that”
 Me: (pride overload!) “That’s pretty big thinking for a 7-year old, kiddo — you’re going to be a great man some day.”

Children capture things that we don’t even realize. The way that they process information and reason as they develop builds their character.

If you’re a parent, talk to them about everything! — what you learn and what they know will surprise you and I think you will find that there’s always an opportunity to teach them something truly valuable to their character.

Ethan’s ideas about politics (or even what he actually heard on TV) may not be entirely accurate, or fully formed — but his reasoning and his value system is exactly where it should be.

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