#HiveShibuya — Your space, not just ours

It’s hardly been about a month since we opened the co-working space of East Ventures and Skyland Ventures, #HiveShibuya, and we are already seeing so much heat — in all good ways possible!

We are always waiting for you!

We’ve had some lovely young students, startups, VCs and other amazing talent from all over the world — and we literally mean all over the world — #HiveShibuya is brimming with the ‘international’ air, be it Japan, Korea, China, US, France, India, Germany, Mexico, or even our neighbourhood internet startup giants here in Shibuya since it is a hub of several giants — LINE, DeNA, GMO and CyberAgent just to mention a few.

#SVFT Meetup in July with Chinmay Malaviya of foodpanda
Another #SVFT Meetup from July with Florian Jourdan of Box

The main purpose for the establishment of #HiveShibuya is to make it available as a gateway for the global startup world, right in the heart of Tokyo. We’ve been having several meetups to make networking within the startup world an easier and fun task — the #SVFT meetup has happened twice already this month — once with Chinmay Malaviya of the famous food delivery service food panda and the first engineer to get on board with Box, Florian Jourda. Next week, we’ll have an informal meeting on the Tatami (Japanese style carpet) this Monday with some amazing people from Yello Mobile.

The super comfy tatami at #HiveShibuya

We also understand the needs and pains of travelling startups and VCs and that’s one of the reasons we have kept #HiveShibuya an open space. If you are a global startup in Japan for a few days, there are several possiblities for us to support you:

  • Meetups — not just the ones we organise, but we welcome ideas from you too!
  • TATAMI Meeting — why not do things Japanese style when in Japan!?
  • Use the co-working space — there’s free WiFi here that you can use

..and not just limited to all this. We are always open to new possibilities and we love new ideas! You can even use this office as an event space for FREE, just contact us and we can see where it goes from there!

We value the idea of a community and we’d love to help everyone in this community as much as possible — that’s how we show our love and gratitude after all.

So whenever you are in Tokyo next, don’t forget to drop by at #HiveShibuya, there’s always something happening, and we are always brimming with energy, and we love people with a happy face and constant adrenaline rushes! Everyone is welcome — whether you are an engineer, a designer or just a student working at or interested in start ups. Access to Shibuya is super easy and there’s everything you need right around the corner!

Deepali / Associate at Skyland Ventures
*Contact: info@skyland.vc / http://skyland.vc/

#HiveShibuya Address

Shintaiso Bldg. N0.3 5F, 2–10–12, Dogenzaka, SHIBUYA, TOKYO, 150–0043

〒150–0043東京都渋谷区道玄坂2–10–12 新大宗ビル3号館531号 /

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