[Report] #SVFT Meetup with foodpanda at #HiveShibuya

I wish I was taller so that I could be of better assistance when hanging up Skyland Ventures shirts to decorate the newly opened co-working space, #HiveShibuya . But nevertheless, I endeavoured on the tips of my toes, and exercised my perfectionist cup-alignment and food arrangement skills to prepare for our first #SVFT Meetup event since our big event held at Microsoft Japan last month.

This Tuesday, 7th of July, we were thrilled to welcome Chinmay Malaviya, Co-Founder of foodpanda, a global online, food ordering marketplace, active in 40 countries in five continents, to speak about his experiences heading up foodpanda’s global expansion strategies and his previous experience as Managing Director of foodpanda.

Discussions were further facilitated by Shinichi (Shin) Takamiya, a Partner of Globis Capital Partners with questions ranging from recruitment, to operations and what it means to work within a startup.

For me, the words which resonated most for me was Chinmay’s declaration that “Working in startups isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.” Looking at all our attendees, I can’t say he’s wrong…

It was a pleasure being your MC for that night, and I thank all the attendees, speakers and staff for joining us in our movement to empower “Global STARTIPS meet Global TALENTS.”

Cindy / #SVFT Staff

*Streaming on Twitcasting

*All photo by Skyland Ventures Createve Team Yuki Nobuhara

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