About Time We The IT Analyst Fraternity Take Onus

It’s not uncommon for us from the IT Analyst fraternity to run into situations where prospective clients either don’t fully understand the value of our services or either see it as a mere means to an end.

An end that is purely meant to use some evidence (from a well-known firm) to prove a business case to the board or make some market noise. It’s rare that we are blessed with an audience that truly understands the value that research has for an organisation and its stakeholders.

It’s even rarer to find CEOs in this audience who personally engage with IT Analyst firms and champion the need for using research on an ongoing basis throughout the organisation.

The brutal fact is, spend on IT Analyst services is treated as anything but ‘a must have’. In other words, a pure discretionary spend.

While the sell-side (read IT & Telecom Vendors) have long been exposed to the value that we folks bring to the table, most continue to still see it as a marketing spend that will ultimately help them generate leads and sell more.

Hence, the need to influence, and reap results thereof, continue to be chiefly focused on the big names from the IT Analyst fraternity.

Truth be told…

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