Healthy Dose Of Paranoia Isn’t Bad After All

Let me start with an admission — I am paranoid. No, I am not a negative person or the kind who would make life a living hell for themselves and those around them. Instead, I’m your quintessential entrepreneur who experiences paranoia about his venture, its current state and the future.

Well, truth be told, most of us entrepreneurs often fall victim to paranoia on an interval that can well be described as above normal. Ask any of your entrepreneur friends and they will vouch for this.

In the last four years of running my own show, I have experienced this up and close. I have lived through multiple experiences of when I have self-inflicted myself with thoughts on how I am getting it wrong. So much immersion in negativity only to then receive client communication that talks extensively to how they have benefited from our products and services.

This is a classic story of to the moon and back. It takes more than just courage to live through this tale especially when it repeats itself many times over within a span of days.

Allow me to make another admission — it’s only very recently I’ve realised that paranoia is my poison. Again, Before you get all jumpy and make your conclusions from this, give your horses a pause and read three key reasons why I believe a healthy dose of poison (in this case paranoia) isn’t bad after all.

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