This Holi Let’s Splash Happiness Not Water

Even before you read this piece, I would like to add a disclaimer, for this piece isn’t intended to hurt any religious, cultural or yet-to-be-termed sentiment type. It’s only a point of view and if it doesn’t sync with yours, read these lines a few times over — “bura mat mano, Holi Hai!” :)

With any festival of significance, there are two sides to it. One religious, the other cultural. Whilst most of us conveniently and with absolute ease confuse both, it takes much depth and understanding to call out the differences between the two.

We in India aren’t any different when it comes to convenience and ease of confusing religion and culture — in fact, we might have quietly mastered this art over centuries. Take a case in point — most confuse Punjabi as a religion and only a handful view it rightly as a categorisation of culture and origin. This is exactly how we treat our festivals. With the Hindu festival of Holi barely hours away, I thought it’s appropriate to use this occasion (auspicious or not you decide) to drive a larger point. Please read on.

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