Cleanliness Starts from Within

Being an Indian living in India, I was very much inspired by our Prime Minister’s Swachch Bharat Campaign, where he took to cleaning the streets with a broomstick and encouraged everyone to do so. While such efforts are commendable, real results can only be seen when Every Indian seriously takes part in it. The horse can only be lead to the water, but the horse has to drink the water. If we want a cleaner India, we must first have to stop dirtying our Motherland.

We go on holidays to various tourist locations and very easily follow the rules set up on the country there. But once we reach our homeland, we get back to our unclean ways — spitting on the ground, urinating in public, throwing waste out of the window on the road…Why? Because we can get away with it and we choose not to take that little extra effort to wait till we reach our destination to do the above.

Is it enough if we keep our homes and offices clean? should not the environment where our home or office or located also be clean? It all starts with us. We complain that the toilets in trains are lousy and more so in public places. But first of all do you know how to leave a toilet clean? You will dirty it as you wish and then complain that toilets are dirty. You throw waste on the road and complain that living in India is a pain due to all the trash on the road. You don’t recycle products which can be recycled and dump it all into one simple waste bin and then magically expect the world to segregate it for you? How much more can the nation take?

It is not too late. We can still make our country proud by making a few simple changes. We can do so in the following methods

  1. First, segregate your home and office waste into dry and wet waste. Dry waste is recyclable material like paper, plastic, thermocol, cardboard, glass, aluminium foil, metal etc. Wet waste is biodegradable material like vegetable and fruit remains, sink dirt,fallen hair, stale food and other garbage. Wet waste can be further classified into animal edibles and in-edibles. Feed the animal edibles to a cow or street dog and earn a good name and some merit in the process ;D.
  2. Second, keep your surroundings clean. Don’t just throw any trash out the window. Don’t throw your garbage into your neighbour’s compound out of spite.
  3. Third, Please urinate in private. There is nothing manly about doing it in public. You are shaming yourself in front of everyone else.
  4. Fourth, Spitting on the ground is demeaning…both to yourself and to our Motherland. Would you spit on yourself? Would you spit on your mother? Would you spit at your Boss? Would you spit at the Lord? Spitting is disgusting. It must be stopped. Period.

All the above can take place only when we cleanse ourselves from within. Believe in a Cleaner You. Believe that you can create a Cleaner India by doing the above simple and easy changes. May tomorrow lead to a better Cleaner India. As Swamy Vivekananda quoted “Arise. Awake. And stop not till the goal is reached.”

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