Dreaming My Destiny Man — A Romantic Tale

The darkness was pitch black. I could not even see my nose. I panicked as I twirled around trying to gather my wits about my surroundings. The only light I could see was from the white full lace floor length wedding dress I was wearing but without any train in my hair or floral bouquet in my hands. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, I could make out that I was in a barren land, in a desert with the hard gravel crunching beneath my flats. I did not know what to do, not having any recollection of where I was or how I got here or what time was it. There was not a soul around.

Suddenly I saw a pair of green glittering eyes in front of me, some strange emotion in them in the manner those piercing eyes were staring at me that made my heart jump into my mouth. They reminded me of a jaguar or Black Panther stalking its vulnerable prey with those eyes of the hunter and me the hunted. Suddenly I saw a light to my right and saw a huge blue moon revealing itself in the darkness driving away my fright with its reassuring and calming light and revealing the glittering and penetrating eyes to be deep set in the face of a brooding dark and mysterious stranger with an elongated face and jet black hair, dressed in a long leather black coat, black cashmere sweater and black trousers and black shoes.

The moon’s gentle glow cast elongated shadows on the hard crust of the deserted earth on which we stood facing each other but he seemed to be oblivious of everything around him except me. As I opened my mouth to speak he interrupted me to say thus “This place is not safe, we need to move.” He grabs hold of my hand and drags me away. We are walking in a Northerly direction; I guessed if the moon was to my right then it must definitely be north. I keep asking him questions as to the desert, my family, friends and the whereabouts of other humans but he does not reply. I finally stayed put and freeing myself from his iron clutches turned him around and asked him thus “Why are you helping me?” .He looked me deep into my chocolate brown eyes and declared “I Am Your Destiny.” That was where the dream ended and I woke up.

At the tender age of sixteen, recovering from a bad crush which was revealed to my parents at a most awkward moment on the phone, with exam pressures and constant low grades in math, I needed a steady anchor to hold on to, with peace of mind and the bliss of love knowing that someone other than my parents thought the world of me, I hanged on to this dream knowing I was clutching at straws. I believed that the universe was revealing me my soul mate. I researched over the net about dreams, their interpretations and visited psychics and astrologers about it. But nobody stated any truth in it. I rebuilt my life around this dream. My grades improved, I did not have crushes anymore, my parents started having faith in me again, and I completed my Graduation and Post Graduation in commerce with full honors. But I could not forget him. I kept telling myself that it was just my subconscious protecting me and that he was not real. But I could never completely dismiss him from my mind or my heart.

The guy I saw in my dream was a new instant overnight celebrity who became a famous actor. He had the same features as the man in my dream but was a hard working and buoyant character, oozing oodles of charm and the ladies of all ages prostrating at his feet like ninepins unlike what I saw in my dream. He came from an influential family well established in the film industry, with wealth lasting for generations to come. Over the years he settled down with his childhood sweetheart and had a couple of children whom he doted upon. The public loved him for his projected righteous sense of living.

Over the years, whenever I saw a movie of his, I felt as though I was looking at my Destiny man, as I called him to myself many times, and not as some actor playing a role. I felt like the heroine in every film and he was my hero. My friends thought I had gone mad, and an online self survey revealed myself to be diagnosed with celebrity obsession. But unlike the popular notion where the obsessed fans threaten to get rid of any partner of the celebrity, I never cared whom he married or who he lived his life with as long as he continued to make films and I watched them; I felt that his onscreen persona was my very own Destiny man.

Sixteen years into the future since the dream, I am now a qualified Chartered Accountant working in a successful firm of chartered accountants travelling all over the country. I am trying to set up my own practice and so am on the constant lookout for clients. My mentor calls me to his office one day and reveals that he has a prospective client for me but that he prefers to remain anonymous. He scribbles an address on his notepad, tears it out, hands it over to me and asks me to visit that place within the hour. I hurry to my car and dropping the files onto the front seat adjacent to the driver’s, buckle myself up, turn the ignition and as the powerful engine rumbles into life, I press down the accelerator and my car shoots through the parking lot with my curly jet black shoulder length hair flailing behind me.

The address is set in a very posh yet isolated locality along the beach of the coastal city, quite a distance away from the main heart of the city. I slow down as I search for the house number turning my head from side to side as I try to make out the number in this place of high walled gargantuan estates with surveillance cameras and 24/7 security. Strangely, as I reach the end of the road where the largest of the houses are located, I find the door number but no guard outside it. As I tap my well manicured red nails on the steering wheel wondering what to do, I notice a speaker box to my right with a bell press. As I ring the bell, I hear a deep male voice answer a few moments later. Declaring my name and that of my mentor’s, I reveal the purpose of my visit as briefly as possible. I hear a click and then the tall magnificent gates magically open on their own revealing a well maintained garden with fragrant flowers on either side of a long winding driveway with a huge three storied building at the end of it with a large fountain in front.

I drive slowly in order to take in the divine fragrance of the red and pink lovely fragrant roses that are so much my favorite as well as try to gauge the majestic surroundings. This must be really a very wealthy client. I pinch myself in my arm to ensure am not dreaming. I park the car in front of the door, get down from the car, brush down my well tailored coat and trouser three piece red suit and gather all my files together and ring the doorbell. The door open of its own accord and a robot with wheels and a booming electronic voice invites me in guiding me into the drawing room. I set down my papers on the coffee table beside me and sit down on the leather sofa which immediately swallows me with its deep soft cushioning. As I try to get up, I am knocked down by a large German shepherd which sniffs me up for a moment then laps up my well made up face like it has known me all its life.

Being a dog lover myself, I quickly manage to calm him down and get him off me. “Get down boy, you will ruin my suit, you don’t want me to get cross now, do ya? I gently rub him all over which he just loves, and he rolls over and tries to push me down again by jumping up on me with his fore legs, he is suddenly pulled back by a powerful pair of arms which shout down instructions at him to behave. Those two words “Enough Grover!” were low yet menacing enough to chill me to the very bones and that too on the hottest period of the year in May. I quickly adjust my suit and give out a hand as I turn around to introduce myself and as I stare into the pair of splintering green eyes staring at me with a hint of animosity…. I feel the plush carpet on the floor rushing up to as my eyes close with his arms shooting out trying to catch me as I black out.

When I regain consciousness, I see myself sprawled over the sofa, and am handed over a cool glass of orange juice by the robot which I gratefully take and drink slowly. As I finish it and place it gratefully back with a feeble vocal thanks on the tray held by the robot, I look up into the inscrutable face of the man whose face I had seen in my dream all those years ago who is instructing the robot to leave the room along with the dog. As we are left alone, I awkwardly try to sit up and embarrassingly bounce about in the huge leather sofa as it moves around like jelly underneath me. With an impatient mutter, his pair of powerful hands drags me into an upright position and leaves me standing very close to him. As I feel his hot breath on my forehead, I realize that he is pretty tall at least half a foot taller than my five feet eight inches. I meekly apologize for wasting his time and am about to gather my papers when he stops me with a gesture and then he speaks in a monotonous tone, “No need for any apologies. It has been a really hot day and fainting spells due to sunstroke are pretty normal. Please sit down and let us continue…”

Visibly relieved that he mistook my fainting spell for sunstroke and not the shock of seeing a man in my dream sixteen years ago for real, I try to gather my wits internally while shuffling papers and making a great show of settling down to business. I tell him about my business, about my firm’s projected growth for the future and what we can offer him as our prestigious client. All this time I see him observing me closely, scrutinizing me deeply with those piercing eyes of icy emerald of his while he says nothing.

Whenever I pause for breath, he puts forth a question that is well thought out and reveals his shrewd knack for business. He also cleverly extracts information about my personal life, my education, family and friends, everything that I could possibly not keep hidden from this handsome stranger who in his own weird way, does not feel like one. As I finish with a flourish and look expectantly at him, he looks at me for a moment searchingly before he realizes he is staring and immediately brings down the shutters on his eyes as he turns away and reveals about himself briefly.

He is the same established actor who now lives alone, having divorced his wife who has full custody of his children and having broken all ties with his family members who were ashamed of him for not keeping the marriage together, in spite of his best efforts. His facial features scrunch in pain as he tries his level best to keep his emotions in check. He tells me that he is looking for an accountant who can handle his remaining earnings as he has given most of it away to his wife as alimony and his family as gratitude for having raised him and also to secure himself from future unjust demands for financial support from either of them. He says he needs someone he can trust, someone who is not overwhelmed by his stardom and who has their feet firmly on the ground. I agree to his terms as he agrees to mine. We finish the necessary paperwork and I get my first successful client.

Over many weeks where we develop a friendly relationship, I pay regular visits to his mansion where he spends most of his time when he is not shooting, playing with Grover. Once on a weekend he invites me over for a picnic lunch and I come over wearing an ankle length floral skirt, white translucent shirt and a scarf bringing along a gift basket for him and a chew toy for Grover. As I hand over the gift basket to him, I call out to Grover who comes bounding up the driveway. As I run into the grass lawn playfully tempting him to catch me and his new chew toy, my destiny man brings over a large lunch basket and a white bed sheet which he spreads over the dewy grass under some cool shade of the building.

As I run over to him with Grover chasing me with gusto, I suddenly trip on the sheet and my face is smothered by his large chest as I have knocked him over in the impact and now am lying on top of him. Feeling his eyes so close to mine, am tempted to drown in them and he seems to be aware of me too as I feel his head coming closer to me, but the moment is broken when Grover pounces upon us with all his might thinking that we are playing some big game. Visibly relieved, he gets up and extends a hand to pull me up and when I do, I hear a loud ripping sound as to my dismay in the next instant, I realize that my skirt has been torn in half with Grover’s paws stuck in them with a long slit from ankle to tight that reveal my long legs which I had forgotten to shave that morning. I hear him catch his breath, and the next instant he is walking away in long strides to the house. As I embarrassingly cover myself with the bed sheet, I see him coming out again with a pair of jeans which he hands over to me asking me to change and come. I quickly rush into the house and change into the jeans which are a couple of sizes too big although the height is adjustable as I fold them up at the ankles. Changing my belt into the jeans, I walk back out to see that he has spread out the delicious lunch on the lawn chairs and we end up sitting and having lunch in an awkward silence.

As we finish the lunch, I take back the cutlery to the kitchen and tie an apron to wash them up. As I wear it over my head, I get a hint of cologne and a dash of his everyday perfume, which tempts me to rub it against myself. As I start washing the dishes, he walks in and asks me. “What on earth do you think you are doing?” Surprised, I reply that am doing the dishes which he after a moment of hesitation offers to dry out. We work side by side in silence, our hands touching briefly now and then and that makes me hold my breath.

Once the last dish is washed, I move away to remove the apron, well aware of his gaze on me as I remove the apron and hang it over the hook behind the door, as I turn to say goodbye extending my hand in a handshake he takes my hand and pulls me into his huge chest as he hugs me tightly. Longing for this ever since the day began, I hug him back, putting my arm around his midriff as I turn up my face to look at him, he takes my lips in a passionate kiss. Shocked out of my life as I have never been kissed before, I don’t know how to respond as my lips are plundered by his in a desperate need of solace.

Just as I believe I am getting the hang of it and am beginning to respond, I am as violently pushed away with him shouting “Get Out! This was a mistake! Go and leave me alone.” As I barely stand there, shaken out of my wits, I see him storm out of the kitchen door into the garden as the tears start pouring down my face. I rush towards my car blinded by my unshed tears as I desperately try to gather whatever sense of self respect I have left and leave with dignity. I hardly realize how I reached home before I let myself into the bedroom, plop myself on the bed and cry the night out as I finally realize that I have fallen in love with my Destiny man and had always been in love with him, clearly explaining the reason why I never dated anyone since I had the dream that fateful night sixteen years ago.

Deciding to see him one last time, as I have received a job offer to work in Switzerland, I go to his home on the pretext of returning the jeans and submitting my resignation and stalk over to his home. I search the gardens all the rooms in his home but he is nowhere to be found. As I am thinking of retracing my steps, I hear a loud splash form the direction of the swimming pool, where I go to investigate. As I see him getting out of the pool, my mouth runs dry seeing his spectacular body as his abdominal muscles ripple as he breathes hard while patting dry his face, all the pool water flowing down in rivulets against his bare and silky skin, covered only by a pair of swimming trunks. As I stand stunned, he pauses as he realizes I have come. As I walk towards him, I see him bracing himself for an inscrutable mask which finally makes me lose my cool. I shout at him “You are a hypocrite! You think you are the one who has been hurt? What about me? After leading me on, is this how you wish to treat me? This is the limit. If you think, I am another gold digger who is after you for your fame and money then you don’t know me at all mister.”

I fling my envelope at him with tears in my eyes “Here is my resignation letter and here are all your payments to me in this cheque. I don’t want your money and I don’t want you. The only mistake I ever did was to have ever loved you.” As I blindly wipe my tears and turn to walk out, I lose my balance and slip and fall into the pool. As I don’t know swimming, I struggle to keep myself afloat and miserably fail but only for a moment when I hear a loud splash and am brought out of the water by him. Laying me down by the pool side, he pumps my stomach wildly with his hands as I choke out the rest of all the chlorine bleached water. As I gasp for air, he takes me up onto a warm embrace planting kisses all over my face, and hugging me for dear life carries me into his home.

When I change into his jeans and a baggy shirt of his and him into regular jeans and t shirt, we cozy down by the heater in his library as I reveal to him everything about the dream. As I look at him to gauge his reaction, I am only greeted with a deep, slow and soft kiss which shows his love for me. He proposes marriage and when I am shedding tears of joy but playfully declare that I will think about it, he says “Nothing doing Darling! We are getting married first thing tomorrow. After all, I am your Destiny!

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