Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

Lack of Diversity can hardly be regarded as a flaw. It could be an indirect attack of racism. The lack of trust against foreigners arises due to an unshakable fear of the unknown cultures lying beyond their country which is not a very healthy attitude. Adapting to Swiss ways and vice versa would go a long way in making Swizerland a culturally rich country as well. For Example, India is a country where diverse cultures peacefully coexist even today. Such cultural diversity was thrust upon them via various invasions over centuries and yet India survived as a nation mainly due to its ability to adapt to the ways of the Invaders and yet retaining its origins at the same time. Keeping out foreigners or indirectly forcing them to adapt to Swiss ways is not a solution but only a clear expression of fear and lack of trust.

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