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PVC Pressure Relief Valve is advice which allows water behind a Canal Lining to flow inside the canal but does not allow canal water to leak in the sub grade. These valves thus protect the lining from damage by releasing excessive hydrostatic pressure behind concrete lining.

Why PVC Pressure Relief Valves requires?

Canal lining is a thin structure. It is capable of resisting small differential heads but cannot counter balance the hydrostatic pressure to which the lining may be subjected during sudden drawdown or when canal is emptied. Therefore necessity of providing Pressure Relief valves & under drainage arrangement arises.


· Novel design

· Very sensitive and operate at low differential head

· Negligible back leakage

· Module is protected with screen

· Long life

· Light weight

· Easy in cleaning as it is detachable

Siddhivinayak industries PVC are manufacturing and supplying a large array of PVC Perforated Pipes for Canal Lining in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Offered pipes are essentially matched for use in subsurface drainage systems. Besides, these are manufactured by applying quality approved raw material and latest technology in tune with set industry guidelines. Pipe perforation is a much needed speciality requirement for many projects.

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Applications and Uses: Leachate, Under Drain, Sub Drain, Collection Pipes, Landfills


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