Don’t Sell product, sell a story

We live in experience economy where experience of a product is more important than the product itself.

In this era of mobile commerce and social media we come across a lot of brand advertisement daily and most of these fade away in the crowd of brands but there are some brands who go beyond and associate themselves with a expirience/story.

Story is something we all remember, something we can find emotional connect with, recent example I came across is Bajaj where their brand new motorcycle Bajaj’s V that gets parts of it’s metal from the dismantled aircraft carrier INS Vikrant (read the story here), they also went further by starting a campaign named Invincible Indians by sharing the stories of unsung heroes who selflessly devoted their life to in the service of mankind.

People feel a emotinal connect to such stories, there is a sense of belonging and people feel proud to be part of such brand, People want to merge their identity with something larger. This is how magical the power of storytelling works.

According to cognitive neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga, one of the reasons we love fiction is because these stories give us a template of what to do if we ever find ourselves in a situation described in the story–stories are cognitive tools that we store away for future reference.

This video perfectly explains the power of signature stories.

You make the experience of the product greater than the product itself.

Think in terms of stories and deepening them in ways that can be helpful to your customers, making your company feel part of their lives

The best stories tap into people’s emotions because someone genuinely connects to what a brand stands for or where it has come from. The marketers who can paint the pictures and create such personal relationships are well on the way to establishing long-term brand loyalty. You can see how they can stir the emotion of their target customers by creating these emotional campaigns.

Creating compelling marketing campaigns is all about telling a consistent and true story. As you can see from the campaigns that I’ve highlighted above, all of the marketing campaigns are effective,clear, simple and remain true to mission of the company.