MEEIRO IDO Launchpad in three blocks

Tomorrow Meeiro’s IDO whitelist (WL) will open up and you should know how to take part.

This information separated into 3 blocks helps you to understand all details of this IDO.

Token Price: The exact price will be adjusted right before the sale starts at a final price of 0.45 USD worth of APT for 1 MEE.

Pool Size: 2,500,000.00 MEE
100% Unlocked at TGE
Initial Circulating Supply: 2,875,000.00 MEE
Initial Market Cap of MEE: $1,293,750.00

Whitelist Starts: Nov 9, 2022–2:00 PM UTC
Whitelist Ends: Nov 12, 2022–2:00 PM UTC

Sale Begins: Nov 12, 2022–4:00 PM UTC
Sale Ends: Nov 15, 2022–4:00 PM UTC

  1. Join
  2. Connect your wallet (Pontem, Martian, etc)
  3. Connect your Discord account (you must have one of the following roles, to be able to be WL: OG, Rising Meeiro, Early Meeiro, and Meeiro Champ).
  4. Wait for the timer to expire and for the waitlist to open.
  5. Click on “Join Whitelist” and validate the transaction.
  1. Prepare your wallet — send enough APT tokens to it (Pontem, Martian, etc). Depending on your role. But better with a small margin. (You can buy APT on CEX or DEX and send it to your wallet.)
  2. Once the sale starts, you’ll be able to buy your allocation directly on Meeiro.
  3. Wait until November 16, 2022–10:00 UTC for TGE, to claim your MEE tokens.

When you claimed your tokens you can stake them directly on Meeiro to start getting yield.




Telegram Announcement:



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