Ontology (ONT) Review and Rating

Christus, Goldsmith, coins and a mirror

In this article I’ll briefly review Ontology’s whitepaper — (“ONT A New High-Performance Public Multi-Chain Project & A Distributed Trust Collaboration Platform”) — and rank it on the “Vision”: Singularity- Volume-Empathy-Timeline sub-scale.

Citing: “Ontology is a blockchain/ distributed ledger network which combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, distributed procedure protocols, distributed communities, distributed attestation, and various industry-specific modules.”

This paper has been re-written to accommodate the new ONT vision, which initially (when I read its first variant in 2017) was to become a decentralized store of digital assets. The recent variant strongly emphasizes “identity” and, also, what they call “a distributed trust system”. Citing: “Ontology is devoted to building a trust ecosystem through its decentralized services.”

It’s fine, I guess, to change ones core values as time goes by. However, that rises two questions: What had caused this shift in a company’s vision? and Should we now expect more of that in a future? Whatever answers might be, ONT’s “Singularity” (uniqueness) has not been notably improved in my eyes during past 16 months. Result: “c”. As to the “Volume” (measures potential market’s size), I still do not doubt that this platform’s potential user base is large enough to grant it “a” on this part of the sub-rating scale.

ONT’s emotional appeal (“Empathy”) is now dwindling, because its vision seems to be out of focus (citing: “Ontology’s Trust Network is a protocol network built with multiple blockchains and systems to support use with all business types.”). However, it is still high enough to place it (although, barely) in a mid-range category. Result: “b-”

As to the “Timeline” I haven’t seen any indication of that neither in paper’s old variant nor in its the present “rejuvenated” version. Result: “c”.

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“Vision”: Singularity-Volume-Empathy-Timeline sub-rating: cab-c

Link: https://ont.io/wp/Ontology-Introductory-White-Paper-EN.pdf