A Brand Strategist?

What’s That??

What is it that I do exactly??

Hmm. Where do I begin?

I've been working as a “brand strategist / consultant” for a little over 5 years now and was lucky enough to have worked with quite a number of big MNCs across industries and nations. It certainly is not an easy job but it’s a job I love. Though some might think they understand what I do, in fact, they don’t.

Every time I hand over a business card to someone, I’ll always get the same reaction. What usually follow soon after will be: “what do you do exactly?”. So here’s my attempt to explain.

You need to understand that what I do is very different from what a business consultant does. I don’t dwell too much on business models, cash flows, business’s assumptions or management of your daily operations. Don’t get me wrong, I do help businesses to improve their business functions but only to a certain point. The most important aspect of my job is to help businesses create a whole “ecosystem” of communication between brands and consumers. So what does that mean?

Every businesses / brands each have a compelling story to share. But often, these businesses are either confused or just simply don’t know how to create or execute a proper brand directed campaign that would allow them to correctly communicate with the masses. That’s where I come in.

You may have invested thousands of dollars on your marketing efforts but without proper directions and / or message, you’re just wasting your money. Before any businesses invest money into their marketing campaigns and promotions, they need to understand who their audiences are and why people should bother. This is the most common mistakes every businesses make. So what can a brand strategist do to help businesses create a successful brand?

It usually starts with knowing the targeted audience by talking or do a simple survey to understand the key factors that influence their buying decisions. After which, I will usually review and provide a report on audience’s perceptions. Basically I would have to identify the overlapping sequence between their demands and the business offering. Then create a strategies and draft out plans that would relay the message that is relevant to the needs of the consumers. It’s not just about meeting consumer’s demand but at the same time, the strategies or plans needs to be unique so to differentiate them from any other competitors that are providing the same products or services. From there I will create and implement a whole system that will help businesses connect with their audience across the various communication platforms. It’s mostly managing and reviewing the progress of each development or campaign from then on.

It’s an ongoing work that requires me to review and consult on any communication issues for any business. It’s always about keeping any businesses aligned with their mission and values.

So after hearing what a brand strategist do, you might wonder whether you should hire one to help your with your business. In this day and age, I can guarantee that businesses without a proper strategic brand development won’t last. You have your reason to start a your company, so I ask you this. Why should your business exist? If so, why should people buy or engage your products or services? What makes you different from any of your competitors who are already in the market before you?

If these questions are starting worry you, I suggest that you consult with a brand strategist to help you identify and resolve these issues. As a brand strategist, it really bothers me that businesses nowadays are neglecting their branding needs. Especially true when I’m based in Singapore. Everyone is shouting at anyone but no one is listening.

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