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“ I think that is the ultimate cowardice — to live your life as an atheist and to throw it away at the last moment just on the chance you were wrong.”

No it isn’t. This is like saying, I could never care less about money since my parents had left me an inheritance, but now that it’s running out, I begin to realize money is important after all.

It’s easy to be brave and careless when you’re under no real threat. It is when you start appreciating the danger, that your vacuous concepts and mental constructions give way to your real present experience. To liberally paraphrase Hamlet, Concept over experience, or experience over concept? — that is the question.

Besides, what it atheism? Another set of beliefs, a religion worshiping molecules. Is allegiance to your once arbitrarily chosen belief system despite all evidence to the contrary a sign of bravery? Of wisdom?

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