supergrafis rumah tangga.

setelah ETS, langsung hunting foto ke Biennale 7 Jatim 2017 yang menurut saya biasa saja dan overly hyped. Dari situ setelah lama tidak makan seafood akhirnya dipaksa untuk makan sama seseorang yang saya ajak ini. Setelah itu nekat ke atas FMIPA Tower karena ya sudah lama sekali tidak menikmati embusan angin dingin Surabaya dari atas sana.

Mengutarakan isi kepala jadi lebih ringan kalau dihembus sama angin.

Ngedit? Shooting?

Of course! There was one video that had 9pm deadline but I was out with my friend to explore Surabaya then started on working on 12 AM the next day finally finished and uploaded on 2:19 AM this video is actually a recycled footage of mine which is Festival Dolanan 10 Nopember there is a problem on the bureaucracy which is a miss communication, a very BIG one. But long story short (you know I can’t discuss paid work problems here) I managed to make it once again to assure the stakeholders to pay me. haha.

reduce reuse recycle

The very next friday I decided to hibernate till 12PM then started to make some progress on my current project. Which I will tell you later.

emotionally attached: BARASUARA.

It was Reeva 2017, my ticket is free thanks to mr. Ketupel. If you need anymore easy to edit teaser just ask me. I’ll be more than happy to make you more.

Barasuara and Payung Teduh. Both band were unknown to me. Both band were folk-indie themed which was not my cup of tea. Both band are amazing. But Barasuara stands out.

There is this particular photo

hagia sophia.

Where he does the “I belongs to Jesus” pose when he sings “Hagia”, mr. Massandri’s performance isn’t that bad nor the other part of the band

But what really tingles my mind is because the Band actually quotes the end of Our Father in Heaven Prayer. “Ampunilah kami seperti kami mengampuni orang yang bersalah kepada kami” which converts to this lyrics:

“Seperti kami pun mengampuni yang bersalah kepada kami”

Til’ last night I stumble upon this show.

And started to dig some background story about “Hagia“ song. Which I get from this source he stated:

gue = Iga Massandri

dear Barasuara, you got yourselves a new fan, and not only-knew-one-song-kind of fan. But a true fan that likes your background story, not only your tunes.

mbak Cabrini Asteriska
intresting pose.
jumping drop beat.

Medschool 2.0

Ini adalah acaranya BEM ITS, padahal materinya bagus tapi sedikit yang datang. Karena sedikit yang datang jadinya saya bisa lebih leluasa untuk mencoba teknik-teknik fotografi minimalis untuk Olimpiade Matematika ITS yang ke-12. I make minimalist upload to the official account. How “free” is that.

So I use 70D with 50mm widely opened F1.8 to capture this kind of pictures

Than edited it with Lightroom to compensate the saturation and shadows.

that soft glow out of focus is actually beautiful.

Terus jujur karena bosen dengan yang overexposed keputihan begitu akhirnya saya mencoba tema kedua yaitu kinfolk-ish. A plant based theme. Which I use some HSL Toning to reduce the brightness and luminance of the green then desaturate everything except the skin tones and the leaf.

Mulai suka dengan HSL Toning, I take to the next level.

yeah the analog nitty gritty look.

sebuah luka lama, yang telah terobati.

I’m accepting an offer as a Steering Committee in Design, Web and Public Relations. It’s all about brand management yo.

You should check out @omits_himatika anytime soon.