Javascript frameworks are simple

May 9 · 2 min read

Javascript frameworks are simple. Well, at least most are. I’m looking at you…cough..react..cough!!

Ever saw a piece of code for the first time… The multi-color lines with words such as async, promises, call, webpack, config and etc just swarming around in front of your eyes? The lines just melding into a colorful piece of modern art? Then, you might need some therapy…:)

For me personally, learning new frameworks feels like a tougher task than exploring the deepest darkest caves on earth. After learning react (i think), I was interested to know how Vue.js and angular work but no way was I ready to sit down and start reading thick chunks of books for that. I wanted spoon feeding for my reluctant baby brain.

By luck, there was a meet up group, Women Who Code Singapore group which was hosting an intro to vue.js workshop. It was going to be a handheld 2 hours course showing the ropes on vue.js. Voila, vue.js deconstructed! We created a simple clicker interface to understand the concepts.

After that, I went into the illusion of becoming a Vue.js wizard. In the next 3 days, for an interview showcase, got an application which allows users to answer questions, up and running.

Tried out another workshop to learn Angular and we ended up creating a simple login page and display a catalog of cats and their description. Got a couple more of interview requests for practice code and ended up creating a trello like application using vanilla Javascript.

If you have survived reading this far, the point I’m making is stop reading articles and start doing. Always start small.

  1. Learn basic javascript syntax and semantics
  2. Understand variables, loops, conditions, functions
  3. Find mini-projects to do:
    - Love multiple cat pictures? Create a simple slideshow viewer of cats using Javascript.
    - Love a particular animation in a website? Let’s recreate it on codepen or your own github

P.S. If anyone wants to work on cool products/get a coding buddy, get in touch..:D

Thanks for reading!


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Front end developer looking to work on cool products.

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