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Top 3 newsletters to read and why

For the last couple years I’ve subscribed to a bunch of different mailing lists, read newsletters, and generally tried to keep up to date on news in the Food System. This post summarizes my current top three go-tos (plus a few honorable mentions) in no particular order. 
 I love these and will surely keep reading them, but I’m not convinced I really know what’s out there. So, this week I subscribed to pretty much everything I could find related to food, agriculture, AgTech, agribusiness, etc. It’s impossible to read everything out there but I’m going to try for a few weeks. If I do figure out the “best” sources, I’ll be sure to update you. Any suggestions? I’m sure I missed some.
 Top Three Newsletters


  • Who? Food industry wews + analysis, mostly focused on manufacturing (products, ingredients, and packaging), with content on topics such as innovation, trends, sustainability, and financial performance.
  • What? Daily email that includes headlines with brief summaries, as well as references to other people’s content and job postings.
  • Why? The articles themselves start with high level analysis bullets, then dive into the issue. Articles are short but usually reference research or other ways to dig deeper. Overall a broad perspective on what’s going on in the (big) food industry.
  • Constructive Criticism? Many of their articles repeat and cross-reference each other so you can get stuck going in circles, and sometimes the “analysis” could be deeper.

Merridian AGree Newsfeed

  • Who? AGree, a food/agriculture advocacy platform run by the Meridian Institute, is a platform to connect and challenge leaders around food system issues, including policy
  • What? Newsletter that curates articles of all kinds (academic, news, blogs, etc.) and provides 1 paragraph summaries.
  • Why? The focus is really broad, covering domestic and international food and agriculture issues across sectors. A+ for usability. I love the short summaries within the email, so I only have to navigate elsewhere when I really want to dig in.
  • Constructive Criticism? Slightly more ag-focused than food, and definitely deep enough that you won’t enjoy this unless you’re really into this space.

AgFunder News

  • Who? Delivered by AgFunder, an online marketplace to connect AgTech investors and startups. AgFunder also produces an annual report on investments in AgTech (who, what, how much, etc.).
  • What? Weekly newsletter that summarizes the headlines of AgFunder’s own articles and other people’s articles, and a list of upcoming global AgTech events.
  • Why? AgFunder’s own articles are focused on investments and innovation and often feature interviews with (or guest posts by) leading entrepreneurs and investors. They are really the go-to resource for AgTech investments (they don’t focus on food products/CPG).
  • Constructive Criticism? AgFunder has an investment platform and is launching their own fund, so I never know if there’s a conflict of interest. They definitely get the benefit of the doubt, though, because the content is strong and unique and their guests are the who’s who of AgTech.

Honorable Mentions

  • FoodTechConnect- curated collection of articles, by category, that provide a really good overview of what’s going on across the food system from CPG, to restaurants, to agriculture.
  • Grist’s food section- sustainability-focused content with less of a food-focused/experienced audience, which helps to go “beyond the choir”. Could say the same for Forbes, WSJ, NYT, etc.
  • Global Food for Thought blog from Chicago Council on Global Affairs- I find this a bit hard to use (you have to click around a few times to find the content), but the guest commentaries often provide insights from public-sector and academic thought leaders

By the way, I’m not the first to do this. I’m sure there are many others. What’s your favorite source?

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