[ANN] [ICO] SVPER — Redefining Socializing Online

We have announced the SVPER ICO on BitcoinTalk!

📌 We are excited to tell you that SVPER is now on BitcoinTalk!
We gathered some of the most important info about our project and ICO to briefly introduce them to the BitcoinTalk members.

✅ This topic will be really important for all of us as it represents the opportunity to get some feedback from the forum members and we know that they ask the right questions when diving into a project.

👌🏼 We will make our best to provide the clearest answers on anything that will be asked on the thread, just as taking into consideration any feedback or comment regarding the project.
☝🏼 Feel free to support us on this thread or to ask additional questions that has not been already been answered on our Social Media, Telegram, or Website.

Looking forward to see you there!