Overcoming the “Online Isolation” with the SVPER App

Jan 7 · 4 min read

Use of social media and users of social networking applications are taking over and the generation most integrated with them, seem to be losing their ability to communicate in real life, along with their self-esteem.

Millennials, young adults or social media generation; however you name it, they were all born into a fast-paced world of hyperconnection, technology and introduced to a variety of social media platforms. The up-tech devices they own become their symbol of self-expression and their ability to portray themselves into eyes of other people. They measure their personality, outlook, morals, and character with the likes and approvals that come from the other side of their devices. While being blasted with trends and thoughts on how to look and how to behave, just with a simple touch, they are at another level of socializing, without even realizing what is real or what is not. It becomes appealing to fall into false thoughts or the looks that are not what they seem to be. And as much as they seem happy with their popularity, the isolation taking behind the scene is scary.

Lack of real conversation, missing chances to meet new people, combined with direct messages, posts, comments, likes, and superficial etiquettes. This generation is slide into a place where they abandon the real aspect and joy of meeting new people as they become more and more interested in chatting through their phones and browsing online instead of going out and meeting people in real life. More they consume, more isolated they get and not only their current relationships are drained but also day by day they lose their ability to make new friends, meet new people and socially expand their circle. Eventually, when they happen to meet new people, whether it is a friendship or a romantical relationship, they get stuck in the proper conversation phase. They lose the ability to make real conversations with each other and they often completely forego the human interaction.

“Social Media Generation” is sliding into a place where they abandon the real joy of meeting new people and lacking the ability to conduct real conversations.

Adding up these problems, the insincerity of interaction becomes too common and inauthentic as well. From fake profiles to bots, from filters to fake accounts it again becomes hard to realize what is real or what is not. This comfort zone behind the phone would eventually push them into a world of loneliness.

On the other hand, social platforms and socializing apps are actually useful mediums to allow people, express themselves, share what they want to share, with the public or to find someone special. Socializing online should not be undervalued as it makes a lot easier to meet new people, make new friends, find love or companionship. These privileges include reaching each other out quickly, giving higher chances of meeting and expanding the social network we have. So how do we eliminate the dark side, risks, traps and rather leverage the usage of these online platforms and applications?

SVPER, an app that imitates the real-world process of meeting new people more accurately than ever before and rewards its members through a tokenized economy. With the identification of the problem of social networks, connecting us online, but disconnecting us from the real world and leading us down a road of loneliness and social isolation, the SVPER app is set to fight these by encouraging to turn new online connections into real-life relationships.

SVPER app’s innovative concept replaces user profiles, pictures and text messages with instant video invitations. Users can see what people near them are doing or planning to do, choose the event they would like to join, and meet them in person straight away. The blockchain technology behind the concept increases the security, trustworthiness, and transparency within the app. There are no user profiles, pictures or text messages. The app runs on instant video and audio communication only. It eliminates inauthenticity by avoiding fake profiles and bots. It is instant and motivating as there are neither silent matches nor chattings. Users post a video invitation, receive video replies from interested people and meet the one they like straight away. They are encouraged to chat later when they actually meet. Adding up to this point, the tokenized economy is designed to further encourage users to meet each other offline by rewarding them with SVP tokens.

SVPER is a social app that you can make real friends with, and where you can get real rewards! Find your companionship, friendship or the romance you are looking for with the SVPER app.

For more information on the SVPER app visit: www.svper.com

Get Real. Get SVPER. Now!


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The SVPER App imitates the real-world process of meeting new people more accurately than ever before and rewards its members through a tokenized economy.

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