COVID-19: Keep calm and wash your hands.

  1. What percentage of the population is expected to be infected?
Daily COVID-19 cases in China (excludes Hubei province). Data were collected by a large, international consortium of volunteers led by Moritz Kraemer at Oxford and David Pigott at Univ. Washington. Learn more here.
From Quoting their figure caption, “This phylogeny shows evolutionary relationships of HCoV-19 viruses from the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. All samples are still closely related with few mutations relative to a common ancestor, suggesting a shared common ancestor some time in Nov-Dec 2019. This indicates an initial human infection in Nov-Dec 2019 followed by sustained human-to-human transmission leading to sampled infections.”
Global map of COVID-19 cases. For more information on public database we are maintaining for this outbreak, see our GitHub repository and HealthMap.




Assistant Professor of Network Science.

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Samuel V. Scarpino, PhD

Samuel V. Scarpino, PhD

Assistant Professor of Network Science.

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