I understand and respect your point but I don’t agree with it because of the following reasons:
Niels Mouthaan

I actually don’t use Office365, but used it as an example. Where people need to collaborate it becomes far more difficult to find free solutions that work.

I would not rate an app 1-star that that did not use subscription model. However, rating is on the current app. You cannot rate an older version of an app. You could of course have launched a new subscription model app and left users with the old one and then the rating would have been easier, but you chose not to and the current version is a subscription model so the rating applies.

I agree that users need to decide for themselves, but not all users are aware of other options that are out there. I spend a lot of time helping and advising users with their tech. Not everyone is tech savvy. Users are perfectly free to use a subscription model, but to better enable them to decide it is useful to be able to demonstrate other options. Developers *are* forcing users to subscribe. Either you subscribe or stop using the software, that’s hardly a choice! You have made a decision that means that if I want to continue to use Daily I have to subscribe. I’m so opposed to subscriptions that I will do everything within my power to convince people not to support them. People will of course decide for themselves, but I will try to make as convincing an argument as possible with alternatives.

There are also many who hold the same opinion as mine. I do not know one person who actually prefers subscriptions to the purchase one version model. Most I know who subscribe do it because there is no other choice in using that software. Subscription are paid because that is the only option not the preferred option.

Of course I am willing to compensate a developer for the software I use. I have been doing this for more than 20 years. I simply find developers are now asking for more than I am prepared to pay by using a subscription model. I was happy with paying for software, knowing that I would need to pay for the next version if I wanted to. That choice has now been removed. Subscription removes complete access. With the previous model I could use the software until it stopped working, not so with the subscription model, because without a subscription you get locked out, again forcing people to subscribe. In fact the subscription model leaves the user with nothing. If you use subscription software and create documents using it and then you decide to stop. What happens 2 years down the line when you want to look at an old document and are told your subscription has expired? You have to pay just to look at one document. At least with the purchase one version model I can run it on an old machine and open the file. There is nothing beneficial to the user in paying a subscription unless the are willing to pay it perpetually, something I am unwilling to do.

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