So, because of the App Store having limitations (not able to review an older version of the app)…
Niels Mouthaan

I’m not blaming anyone. I think it is highly commendable that you are giving people a copy of the old version. I think that is extremely generous. However, the current version in the app store is the subscription based app so the review is valid.

I only found one positive comment on your subscription post that is for the subscription model in purchasing software. I’ve found six against and one that is unclear. If those are representative then my “subjective” opinion is more widespread than the “I love subscription software” group.

The reason I am making a noise about this is because I object to it. I’ve paid for subscriptions without really thinking about it. Then all of a sudden I see my bank balance and see all those, “price of a cup of coffee” add up to, “cost of a brand new kitchen”. I want to make a noise so people think about it. A subscription here or there may not be an issue, but you begin to add them up and it is an issue. Once the market hits saturation point and people come to the same conclusion I have, that it cannot be sustained, everyone loses. Developers who go out of business and users who lose software.

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