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Ever the enigma , eh Jules ? Perhaps I should tell you what I am attempting . The “Crises” series seeks to highlight an overlooked value of the study of history . It attempts to illuminate the human condition by examining historical figures in moments of crisis , with insights applicable to our own daily lives . “Ismay” and “Ciano” are about our tendency to unjustly judge people , for example .

“Crises” was originally written with the supporting notes , intros , etc . The notes in particular allow me to make significant asides and further expand points made in the poetry without derailing the narrative .The notes also explain the quotes of principal and other characters . “Churchill” , for example , contains the line “High in the sunlit silence” . You may recognise this as from the poem “High Flight” by John Magee , an American flying for the RCAF , who died over England in a Spitfire , aged 19 .

I pubbed the exerpted versions as at least some can get something from the poetry sans notes , and the shorter the piece , the more likely it is to be read on Medium . I am now pubbing the supported versions both to give a fuller understanding of the subject matter , and to ease the reader into the more obscure subjects . Few know of Eleanor’s meditation at the Adams Memorial , let alone its significance to American and world history . Roosevelt would never have been elected president had this not happened , and could anyone else have kept Britain in the war by supporting her prior to Pearl Harbor ? So we have one of the most significant events of the 20th century in the form of a woman sitting alone in a cemetary !

That’s what “Crises” is about .

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